Balmafula Tengille


Born to a noble family, Balmafula was given the finest upbringing one could hope for. An academic prodigy, she showed many scholastic gifts at a young age that soon branched into a budding magical talent. This, coupled with her natural athletic gifts, ensured she was a popular and charismatic leading figure in all of her classes.

As she became of age, she overheard her parents’ discussion about her future. It seemed that her talents caught the attention of an influential lord whom had a son near her age. The two were arranged to be wed that following summer in a politically motivated gesture.

“Marriage? How boring! I’ll not be kept in the yoke of some snotty brat just so my father can gain status. This world is mine, I just need seek to claim it!”

And with that, she snuck out and escaped from her parents’ oppressive plan. She was certainly more than capable enough to take the reins of her own destiny.

And that was the day the world went white.

Balmafula Tengille

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